About Us

About Us

We make a really positive difference for the developing children and their careful parents
...we believe we do this better than any other provider 

Career Wings out here can help you to become a pristine personality through better instructions and assistance so that you could improve your latent efficiency by exploring innovative teaching techniques. We also offer unique opportunities for faculties to teach students from standard VIII – Graduation level for more than half a decade with a well-spoken off progress in their results, whosoever has joined us as a registered member in one of our centers.

We offer many learning opportunities, from academic education to lifestyle courses, suitable for a wide range of people, even for the professional persons through well-planned courses / workshops on a variety of events under expert faculty members.

We have wonderful opportunities for children, parents and almost all sections of the society to achieve fantastic levels of creative understanding and mastery on several levels of perceptions. Our courses for the varied groups are typically packed round the year, providing the right sense of balance by offering activities that will challenge, develop teamwork and stimulate the energy level of the members of the organization. The latest courses offer a basic introduction to certain extent, suitable for developing interest on the relevant subjects; these activities are designed to provide a secure inter-action among the group members and to channelize teamwork activities. We have many requests for a shorter course suitable for small groups ( youngsters / house wives / elderly citizens ) and as a result, we have plans to introduce a latest two / three day workshops at our centers as per pre-schedules, exclusively suitable for interested groups.

We are frequently marked for our teachers at Career Wings for seeing the members learning and working together in a different environment. This often results in a few surprises with some people, who are quieter in the unfamiliar situations, succeeding well beyond what is generally expected.

We really appreciate all the recommendations we get from our well wishers and patrons, whoever have visited the centers of Career Wings and a great number of residents, who come to know for the first time about the excellent results of registered students in secondary and higher secondary board examinations, for a period of past six years. The recommendations of the people for their relatives, friends and colleagues are an added benefit for the expansion of Career Wings, even in some newer zones of your popular cities by some time in future. We are constantly updating the modules for every course, running in operation, so that the registered members of Career Wings, attending the regular classes, could benefit from its recent development. But don’t just take our word for it, step in at our any center and find it out with your own accordance that you are searching for yourself for all these days. For more testimonials and recommendations visit us @facebook address: careerwingslgc and our existing centers.