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Soap Colors

Soap Color Bars & Mica Soap Colors

The first step to every great soap making project is to get the perfect color. For this we offer two options. 

1. Our all natural mica colors. These colors are great because they will not migrate in soap, are considered all natural and offer maximum control. However they can be messy and a bit difficult to work with if you are a beginner.

2. Our line of soap color bars. These colors are not great for layering soap as they will migrate between layers.  However, these color bars make coloring your melt & pour soap base fast and easy. Our bright, vibrant color bars contains six cubes. One cube colors approximately 5-10 pounds of MP Soap Base or almost 60 pounds per bar (depending on the desired shade). You will notice that our wholesale soap bars come in clear or opaque for all your soap making needs. It is important to note that clear or stained glass color bars should be used with clear melt and pour soap base and the opaque soap color bars should be used with white soap base.